Welcome to Britannia Community Center, room 111, the nerve center of the InTraining program for our Sun Run. We will be meeting here once each Monday to have a few words and then to head out for our lead training day. The program consists of three sessions per week, our Mondays and two others. It is best that you take a recovery day after each session. This is a progressive program adding a little stress each week so to get you to the start line in April.

This is your program. Take each session as a plateau for the next session which means consistency is about as important as the actually session. We have many options available to you. Your leaders, who are all experienced and ready to help when asked, have an incredible pool of knowledge. We will offer you a route each week to follow so all you need is to show up and complete that days requirements, oh and to be proud of each sessions accomplishments.

I can be found at britanniasunrun@gmail.com if you have questions that you feel need a different process but I would suggest to approach your leader(s) first.

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